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An Exercise in Ambiguity

An Exercise in Ambiguity An Exercise in Ambiguity An Exercise in Ambiguity By Maeve Maddox I noticed this headline in the list of breaking news on the Yahoo landing page: Â  Sotomayor wins over GOP backers after smooth hearings At first I read the verb wins as the main verb and over GOP backers as a prepositional phrase. Read that way, the meaning of the headline was that Sotomayor had defeated GOP backers in some kind of competition. But I knew that couldnt be right. For one thing, Sotomayor wasnt competing against anyone in the hearings. For another, one doesnt compete against ones backers. So then I decided that what I had in front of me was the phrasal verb win over, meaning persuade, gain ones support. That made a little more sense, but as far I could recall, Sotomayor went into the hearings without any GOP backers. I clicked on the confusing headline to read the story. I found my answer in the lead: WASHINGTON – Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor won her first public pledges of support from Senate Republicans and one prominent GOP opponent, after a smooth performance at her confirmation hearings that has placed her firmly on track to become the high courts first Latina and the first Democratic-named justice in 15 years. Finally, I understood what the headline meant. Sotomayor had acquired some backers from among the Republican senators. The biggest obstacle to understanding for me was the word backers used with the phrasal verb wins over. I could see how she might win backers or win over some Republicans, but not how she could win over backers. If someone is a backer he doesnt need to be won over by the person hes already backing. Not every reader would have boggled at this particular headline as I did. Nevertheless, writers need to be aware of the possibilities for ambiguity that exist with the use of phrasal verbs. Sometimes it is better to replace a phrasal verb with a less ambiguous single verb, especially in writing intended for an audience that includes non-native English speakers. For example, we can put out the cat and put out a light; take out a girl and take out an enemy. Alternatives exist for most phrasal verbs. For example: put the cat outside extinguish a light take a girl on a date kill an enemy You may not always be able to hit on a suitable alternative, but its something to consider when revising a manuscript for clarity. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Grammar category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:What is the Difference Between "These" and "Those"?When to Form a Plural with an Apostrophe5 Keys to Better Sentence Flow

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Business Management Affairs Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Business Management Affairs - Coursework Example A sole proprietorship brings the authority of running and controlling business activities to a single individual who can make important and minor decisions, control business environment and change policies where necessary. The accounting requirements and legal rules applicable on sole proprietors are less rigid and complex as compared to partnerships and companies. It is also considered to be on e of the cheapest forms of setting up a business (Gitman et al 2008). The advantages and disadvantages of sole proprietorship, however, need a deeper and keen observation to form a decision based on the examination of the three available options for us. This recommendation would provide advantages and disadvantages of sole trader, Limited Liability Company and partnerships. It would further conclude as to which venture is better for the organization. Advantages of a Sole Trader As highlighted above, there are a number of benefits that sole proprietorship brings for the sole owner of the busin ess. The first and the most rewarding benefit that this kind of business brings is the Controlling power that the owner receives. Sole trading maintains the highest level of autonomy in terms of running the business, choosing activities, methods and making autonomous decisions. A sole proprietor enjoys the autonomy of running the business in a manner that he wishes or considers appropriate to do so. A decision made by sole proprietor is not challenged by others in normal circumstances. The interference of other parties is less likely to influence the decisions of a sole trader and hence, the level of independence is upheld when setting up a business as a sole trader (Mifflin 2004; Gitman et al 2008). The second most attractive effect of dealing as a sole trader is the ability and right to retain the whole profit earned by the business. The sole traders are not required to distribute whole or part of their profits as required in the partnerships and companies. Another benefit that so le traders enjoy is the privacy of their data and business records. The companies are required to publicize their data and submit the annual reports to the companies’ house. The sole trader is free from such formalities required by the law or the stock market rules. It is also argued that sole proprietors are more responsible and specialist in terms of the nature and size of the business they are managing. The argument is supported by the view that sole proprietors are individually responsible for the profits and losses their business makes. Hence, the owners try to exercise such systems and controls which assure the long-lasting survival and profits of the business. In that, sole traders are also quicker and more efficient in making decisions about their business. Their observation of the customer’s demands and expectations help them in making informed judgements of what may help in the long run success of their business. They implement policies and change which aid t he business’s aim (Toit et al 2007; DeFrancesco 2006). Disadvantages of Sole Trader The advantages are not enjoyed without the risks of certain disadvantages surrounding the sole trading. Sole responsibility for the liabilities and losses is one the basic disadvantage that sole traders face. The sole proprietorship, further, does not acquire the separate legal entity status which disables such

Monday, February 10, 2020

In the Lake of the Woods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

In the Lake of the Woods - Essay Example In the hypotheses chapters O’Brian has presented quotes from real books and reports (The My Lai court martials, histories, psychological books political biographies) and fictional sources (characters in the novel). As I see, the main aspect of the novel that grabs the readers and doesn’t let them go without completing it is its POV (Point of view). Usually authors use ‘one’ point of view as a tool to convey the mood and outlook they want to portray through their writing. However, a writer can even use first, second and third point of views together to diversify his storyline, which is what O’Brian has done in the discoursed novel. The element that gives this novel the feel of a first person narrative, despite of the fact that it is written in the third person is the ‘footnotes’. These are the footnotes that are included in the chapters and in which the narrator identifies himself and discusses his reasons for writing the story. Also he tells the problems he has encountered while writing it as the narrator has selected and organized the evidences to reveal thematic links between individual pieces of evidence, the main narrative, and his theories. Conseque ntly, the unique blend of two different points of views is the essential of â€Å"In the Lake of the

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Canadian International School and Asia Essay Example for Free

Canadian International School and Asia Essay There are certain things in life that are taken for granted. Some people would feel contented with what they have, while others would have a bigger yearning to become someone. Sometimes, what we yearn for in life becomes the very core of our existence, making us hardworking and persevering. My high school was spent in Asia, where I was exposed to numerous realities. I graduated from the Canadian International School and Asia, and I must say that I was provided with the necessary knowledge in order to become prepared for the real world. Eventually, I was given the opportunity to study at the NAME OF UNIVERSITY. The short time I spent there was enough for me to become equipped with the necessary knowledge that would allow me to follow my dreams. However, I believe that I would be able to spread my wings further if I studied at the NAME OF UNIVERSITY in Vancouver, Canada. For this, I am showing my interest in taking up NAME OF DEGREE from your university. Studying at the NAME OF UNVIERSITY would not come as a challenge, for I have been previously exposed to the Canadian way of teaching. In this regard, I would not have much difficulty adjusting to the culture, and instead become more proficient in class. I would become more comfortable with my environment, at the same time be able to express myself further in the best possible way that I can. As mentioned earlier, it is my belief that your university would become one of my keystones in achieving my goals in life. Although some would opt to think that the success of an individual is not based on the school, I beg to disagree. Some of the important factors to be learned in life are based on the foundation that institutions have inculcated in their students. Since I have been a product of a Canadian institution in high school, I wish to strengthen my knowledge and beliefs further with your help. Life is always about taking risks – these are the choices that we make in order to fulfill our dreams.

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Arguments for Open Adoption Records Essays -- Law

For those who are a part of the adoption world one of the most hotly debated issues is whether birth records should be open or closed to adoptees. With this issue comes strong feelings on both sides. In most states adoption records are fully sealed and inaccessible, unless the adoptee petitions the court. In 16 states these records are fully or partially available upon request with no court involvement, and also may depend upon when you were born. In a few states records are completely prohibited and the adoptee will never have any access to them. Alaska and Kansas have always made original birth records available. As an adoptee, I feel that all adoption records should be open. I believe that this can only strengthen the quality of the institution of adoption itself and positively affect all those involved in it. I am not one of those people who did not know I was adopted. I have always known. My parents are good and loving, and provided me with all that I needed as a child. However, just because they were very good parents did not decrease the inherent need I had to look at a face that is similar to my own. Open adoption records would provide the tools for people to learn indispensable information that is provided to all other Americans beside themselves. Sealed records violate adoptee’s rights as human beings. Adoptees are discriminated against like no other group in this country. Records should be opened so that we have the same rights as those who are raised in their biological families. Open records in no way threaten the institution of adoption. There will always be mothers and fathers who are willing to chose a different path by giving their child away, just as there will always be those parents who wish to provi... ...2002): p271-310. Academic OneFile. Web. 17 Feb. 2012. Fleming, Caroline B. "The open-records debate: balancing the interests of birth parents and adult adoptees." William & Mary Journal of Women and the Law Spring (2005): 461-480. Academic OneFile. Web. 17 Feb. 2012. Freundlich, Madelyn. For the Records: Restoring a Legal Right for Adult Adoptees. Evan B. Don Aldson Adoption Institute. New York, NY. (November 2007). www. Web. 17 Feb. 2012. Sorosky, A.D., Baran, A., & Pannor, R. The Adoption Triangle. New York: Doubleday. (1984). Print. Whittaker Hughes, Susan. â€Å"The only Americans legally prohibited from knowing who their birth parents are: a rejection of privacy rights as a bar to adult adoptees' access to original birth and adoption records.† Cleveland State Law Review. 55.3 (Summer 2007): p429-461. Academic OneFile. Web. 17 Feb. 2012.

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Mount Kilauea

Mount Kilauea is the most famous volcano in Hawaii. It resides in the southeast in Mauna Loa. This volcano has one of the biggest craters of all volcanoes, consisting of 3,646 feet deep. It has an 8 mile circumference and is encompassed entirely by an enormous â€Å"wall of volcanic rock 200 to 500 ft high† (Mount Kilauea). â€Å"Mount Kilauea is a low and flat shield volcano that rises only 1,247 meters above sea level. Till date, the Kilauea volcano is the most active and the most visited volcano in the world† (Oak, By Manali). Mount Kilauea is the youngest volcano in Hawaii. It has a lava level of 740 ft. nder the rim. â€Å"Kilauea was formed under a hot spot under the crust. So were the other volcanoes on the Big Island such as Kohala, Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, and Hualalai. There have been 34 eruptions since 1952 and 61 eruptions total† (Mount Kilauea). Hawaii has eight volcanoes and for the moment consists of 4,038 square miles. This will not be the case for long though, because thanks to Mount Kilauea, approximately forty-two acres are added each year from the eruptions. Mount Kilauea is only one of the five still-active volcanoes in Hawaii, but it is definitely the most famous. This is due to a variety of reasons but not the least of which is the belief that the Mount Kilauea Volcano is the resting place of the infamous fire goddess Pele. Pele is a very interesting character in Hawaiian history. There are many stories but one of the most common stories tell of how she was born to a family with six sisters and was exiled for fighting with her elder sister Na-maka-o-Kaha’I and for seducing her husband. Assumed dead by her family she made her way to Hawaii where she dug numerous fire pits, eventually creating the Haleakala Volcano. When she did this her older sister realized that she was still alive and went to kill her. â€Å"She succeeded in an epic battle of natural forces. Legend says her bones remain as a hill called Ka-iwi-o-Pele† (Pele). When she died she became a god and settled in â€Å"her final and eternal fire pit†, Mount Kilauea (Pele). Legend also says that she still appears from time to time before eruptions to seduce young men ever closer to her volcano, sealing their doom. In two hundred forty-five years the infamous Mount Kilauea has erupted 62 times. An eruption begun in 1983 is still in process to this day. The eruptions at Mount Kilauea occur mainly from either the summit caldera or along the East and Southwest rift zones, which run parallel to the coastline† (Oak, By Manali). Most of the lava flows to the Pacific Ocean shore. â€Å"Much of the surface of Kilauea is comprised of lava that is around 1,000 years old while some part of the surface is about 600 years old† (Oak, By Manali). The little moisture that is gathered from the trade winds of the northeast is pushed away constantly by Mount Kilauea. This process has caused the surrounding region to be in a fairly constant rain shadow. Another thing about the volcano is that it gives off sulfur dioxide whenever it erupts. â€Å"These factors produce a desert effect in the Kilauea region. The winds that flow in this region carry along the ash produced by the volcano, causing dunes and dust storms† (Oak, By Manali). Mt. Kilauea volcano has a complex system for magma plumbing. It extends all the way to the surface from about 60 km below the surface of the Earth. The lava is of the type basalt and it erupts from the volcano cone, flowing through system of tubes down the Pulama Pali, which is about 11 km to the sea. Mount Kilauea is a volcano that will not be soon forgotten, especially since it is still one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It brings tourists from all over. They come to appreciate an infamously active volcano in its element. Even today we still have things to discover about it. â€Å"The Hawaiian Volcano laboratory has been set up to enable the researchers in volcanology to study the mount Kilauea volcano† (Oak, By Manali). It continues to interest scientists across the world. The Mt. Kilauea volcano, believed as being the present home of the volcano goddess, Pele, is truly one of the wonders of nature.

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Hrotsvitha von Gandersheimâ€Dramatist, Poet and Historian

Hrotsvitha of Gandersheim wrote the first plays known to be written by a woman, and she is the first known European woman poet after Sappho. She was a canoness, poet, dramatist, and historian. Surmised from internal evidence of the writings that she was born about 930 or 935, and died after 973, perhaps as late as 1002 The German Dramatist is also known as Hrotsvitha of Gandersheim, Hrotsvitha von Gandersheim, Hrotsuit, Hrosvitha, Hrosvit, Hroswitha, Hrosvitha, Hrostsvit, Hrotsvithae, Roswita, Roswitha Hrotsvitha von Gandersheim Biography Of Saxon background, Hrotsvitha became canoness of a convent in Gandersheim, near Gà ¶ttingen. The convent was self-sufficient, known in its time for being a cultural and educational center.  It had been established in the 9th century by Duke Liudolf and his wife and her mother as a free abbey, not connected to the hierarchy of the church but to the local ruler.  In 947, Otto I freed the abbey completely so that it was also not subject to a secular rule.  The abbess in Hrotsvithas time, Gerberga, was a niece of the Holy Roman Emperor, Otto I the Great.  There is no evidence that Hrotsvitha was herself a royal relative, though some have guessed that she might have been. Although Hrotsvitha is referred to as a nun, she was a canoness, meaning that she did not follow the vow of poverty, though she still took the vows of obedience and chastity that the nuns did. Richarda (or Rikkarda) was responsible for the novices at Gerberga, and was a teacher of Hrotsvitha, of great intellect according to Hrotsvithas writing.  She later became an abbess. At the convent, and encouraged by the abbess, Hrotsvitha wrote plays on Christian themes. She also wrote poems and prose. In her lives of the saints and in a life in verse of Emperor Otto I, Hrostvitha chronicled history and legend. She wrote in Latin as was usual for the time; most educated Europeans were conversant in Latin and it was the standard language for scholarly writing.  Because of allusions in the writing to Ovid, Terence, Virgil, and Horace, we can conclude  that the convent included a library with these works.  Because of mention of events of the day, we know that she was writing sometime after 968. The plays and poems were shared only with others at the abbey, and possibly, with the abbess connections, at the royal court. Hrotsvithas plays were not rediscovered until 1500, and parts of her works are missing.  They were first published in Latin in 1502, edited by Conrad Celtes, and in English in 1920. From evidence within the work, Hrostvitha is credited with writing six plays, eight poems, a poem honoring Otto I and the history of the abbey community. The poems are written to honor saints individually, including Agnes and the Virgin Mary as well as Basil, Dionysus, Gongolfus, Pelagius and Theophilus.  Poems available are: PelagiusTheophilusPassio Gongolphi The plays are unlike morality plays that Europe favored a few centuries later, and there are few other plays extant from her between the Classical era and those. She was obviously familiar with the classical playwright Terence and uses some of his same forms, including satirical and even slapstick comedy, and may have intended to produce more chaste entertainment than Terences works for the cloistered women. Whether the plays were read aloud or actually performed, is unknown. The plays include two long passages which seem out of place, one on mathematics and one on the cosmos. The plays are known in translation by different titles: Abraham, also known as The Fall and Repentance of Mary.Callimachus, also known as The Resurrection of Drusiana.Dulcitis, also known as The Martyrdom of the Holy Virgins Irene, Agape and Chionia or The Martyrdom of the Holy Virgins Agape, Chionia, and Hirena.Gallicanus, also known as The Conversion of General Gallicanus.Paphnutius, also known as The Conversion of the Thais, the Harlot, in Plays, or The Conversion of the Harlot Thais.Sapienta, also known as The Martyrdom of the Holy Virgins Faith, Hope, and Charity or The Martyrdom of the Holy Virgins Fides, Spes, and Karitas. The plots of her plays are either about the martyrdom of a Christian woman in pagan Rome or about a pious Christian man rescuing a fallen woman. Her Panagyric Oddonum is a tribute in verse to Otto I, the abbess relative.  She also wrote a work about the abbeys founding, Primordia Coenobii Gandershemensis.